Performance enhancement psychology for sports
Business people need performance enhancement psychology

Do you need to enhance your competitive edge or improve your sport  performance? 

Do you need to gain mental toughness, focus

or confidence? 

Having trouble staying motivated or committed to

an exercise routine or business goals in Greater Houston?  

What is Sport Psychology?

Sport Psychology is about understanding the “mental game” of achieving optimal performance. It involves identifying psychological factors key to reaching and maintaining peak performance in sports, exercise, and other types of activities.


Performance enhancement psychology, as it is often called, helps individuals overcome set-backs or break through obstacles. By building self-confidence, gaining mental toughness, and recognizing their unique strengths and abilitie individuals can regain or achieve success.

How It Helps

Mental Skills and Performance Enhancement Training helps you: 

  • Identify mental blocks that affect performance

  • Manage performance anxiety

  • Maintain concentration & focus

  • Build mental toughness

  • Set and achieve obtainable goals

  • Increase motivation & build confidence

  • Bounce back from injuries & setbacks

  • Get through slumps

  • Reach optimal performance

Meet Dr. Tamara M. Harris 

Dr. Harris is a Houston-based, licensed professional counselor and sport psychology consultant who helps individuals overcome personal life challenges. She knows the undermining effects setbacks can have on mental focus and performance. Mental toughness is key to gaining resilience and bouncing back from adversity.


Dr. Harris' goal is to empower athletes, non-sport performers, exercise enthusiasts, and business people to discover or rediscover their own unique strengths and abilities.

TH Sport Psychology Consulting

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Tamara M. Harris, Ph.D., LPC-S

Member of  Association for Applied Sport Psychology

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