Sport, Exercise & Performance  Psychology

Dr. Tamara Harris can help when:

  • Student athlete struggle to maintain balance and peak performance in sport and academic activity.

  • You need to enhance your competitive edge to improve your performance.

  • Your lack of focus or declining mental edge is causing you to lose confidence in yourself.

"We all face challenges and performance barriers."

                                                                                         - Tamara M. Harris, Ph.D.

When Dr. Tamara M. Harris faced a major life challenge, she focused on her own mind and body fitness to propel herself forward. Today, her goal is to empower athletes, non-sport performers, exercise enthusiasts, and business people to discover or rediscover their own unique strengths and abilities.

Sport Psychology is about understanding the “mental game” of achieving optimal performance. It involves identifying psychological factors key to reaching and maintaining peak performance in sports, exercise, and other types of activities.


Performance enhancement psychology, as it is often called, helps individuals overcome set-backs or break through obstacles. By building self-confidence, gaining mental toughness, and recognizing their unique strengths and abilitie individuals can regain or achieve success.

Sport psychology - inside the mind of champion athletes: Martin Hagger at TEDxPerth

Sport Psychology Services

Coaching teams are well-equipped to work on an athlete’s physical mechanics . When slumps or an injury mess with your head they can decimate performance. Dr. Harris is often called to show them  how to regain that edge. 

Exercise enthusiasts need dedication, consistency, and mental toughness to adhere to a routine. Dr. Harris, an enthusiast herself, can help you through obstacles like low confidence or self-esteem, fitness plateaus, learning new exercises, and burn-out.

Layoffs, workplace conflicts,  and  pressure to perform takes a toll. By applying  sports performance  psychology techniques, Dr. Harris can help you  set stretch goals, focus on priorities, and learn to relax to overcome burn-out.

Performance pressures can build anxiety for musicians, actors, gymnasts, and dancers. Through performance enhancement psychology Dr. Harris helps performers learn relaxation techniques  and  mental skills to reach their optimal performance.

Student athletes are under pressure to keep grades up and perform at a high level, all as they struggle with immaturity and growing pain insecurities. With a school counselor background  can help kids stay motivated  in class and on the field.






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