Sport Psychology

Benefits Student Athletes

Student Athletes: Under tremendous stress to keep grades up and perform at a high level, student-athletes face a real test of mental strength, compounded by immaturity and the insecurity of growing pains. Dr. Harris comes from a school counselor background and understands how these pressures can undermine the capability of even the most gifted student-athletes. She can help the kids stay motivated to play and to reach their optimal performance.


Parents of Athletes: Whether through sideline coaching, over encouragement, or attempting to relive their own past through their kids, well-meaning parents can apply too much pressure to their student athletes. Dr. Harris is skilled at helping parents find the right balance of praise and critique to help their kids stay motivated to play and to reach their potential.

The world of a student today, particularly in middle school through college, includes waking up for early practices, study groups, team meetings, games, band, homework, classes and a social life.


Student athletes are at various levels of maturity, fighting the pains of growing up, balancing school, sports, and family. They live double and triple lives that can easily blur together in a pressure cooker of anxiety and insecurity. Prioritizing and differentiating what is important can make it difficult to choose where they truly belong.

It is important that teachers, coaches and parents recognize the pressures they all exert on their student athletes. Sometimes, it's the student themselves who exert the most pressure in an attempt to please everyone.

"If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you'll never change the outcome." 

- Michael Jordan