Sport Psychology Benefits Business

"The attitude with which we approach a situation can determine our success or failure." 

  – Peyton Manning

Sports metaphors abound in business. We’ve all heard managers tell us to “carry the ball down the field,” or “tackle a problem.” When a big sale is made or a project was well received, the person or team responsible “hit the ball out of the park.” So it’s an easy transition to see how sports psychology techniques  are applied to help business people overcome, loss of motivation, confidence, job burnout  co-worker conflicts, and everyday pressure and stress of work performance.


Whether you are experiencing burnout, manage an underperforming team, or struggle with a challenging project or new position, Dr. Tamara Harris can help. Here are just a few of the techniques she uses for developing a strong mental game plan to help you work smarter and be more productive.


  • Goal Setting: Create a step-by-step plan to achievable goals that stretch your performance

  • Mental Visualization: Imagine yourself performing at your best, rehearsing a process, speech, or sales pitch mentally

  • Positive Self -Talk: Whether you’re talking to yourself or your team, your words and actions set the tone for performance.

  • Mindfulness: Ability to focus and perform in a positive and “present” mind-set.

  • Body Language: Move like a champion and you’ll think like a champion.


Approach your workplace with a growth performance mindset.​