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"Champions aren’t made in the gym.  Champions are made from something they have deep inside of them a desire, a dream, a vision.”  
- Muhammad Ali

Like all sports, achieving peak fitness has a mental side along with the physical challenges. For many, it’s maintaining the commitment and focus of a rigorous program. Even if you’re working a solid program, mental obstacles can arise to diminish your motivation and stifle your performance.


Whatever your goal or level of fitness, mental skills training can help you reach your optimal performance.  with performance enhancement psychology,  Dr. Tamara M. Harris can help you increase your motivation, improve your health, and boost your fitness commitment by focusing on a few key areas:


  • Identify your motivation: Understand what’s driving you to stick with an exercise program. Whether your motivation is winning a competition or reaching a weight goal, connect the result to the workouts.

  • Recognize your abilities and gaining confidence: Accepting or adapting to limitations is hard for overachievers, but not as hard as accepting  failure. 

  • Gain mental toughness: Just as mental toughness is critical to team sports performance, staying focused and committed is critical to meeting exercise goals.

  • Set stretch goals: Without a goal or plan you’ll never know when you reach your objective.


If you are struggling to commit to a needed fitness or exercise program, contact Dr. Harris to schedule a consultation.

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