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"The most important attribute a player must have is mental toughness."   
-  Mia Hamm, Soccer

Mental preparation for sports doesn’t happen just before a game or competition. It should be part of every practice and training regimen.  When a performance slump, injury, or an obstacle of some sort puts a professional or student athlete on the sidelines,  Sport Psychology Consultant Dr. Tamara M. Harris uses goal-setting visualization, self-talk, relaxation,  and other techniques to help them break through barriers and regain full potential. Services are offered for Youth, Student, Collegiate and Professional Athletes.


Dr. Harris provides consulting to coaches, trainers, team-managers, and other athletic staff as a service or booking option. Customized Mental Skills & Performance Training is offered for Individuals, Groups, and/or Team Setting - in Person, via Phone or by Skype.

Professional Athletes:  To win, professional athletes must commit to the plan, the team, and give it their best effort. When something happens, a slump, a choke, or an injury, that impacts performance, many athletes seek to enhance performance with a sport psychology consultant to help them overcome the obstacle and move forward.


Student Athletes: Under tremendous stress to keep grades up and perform at a high level, student-athletes face a real test of mental strength, compounded by immaturity and the insecurity of growing pains. Dr. Harris comes from a school counselor background and understands how these pressures can undermine the capability of even the most gifted student-athletes. She can help the kids stay motivated to play and to reach their optimal performance.


Parents of Athletes: Whether through sideline coaching, over encouragement, or attempting to relive their own past through their kids, well-meaning parents can apply too much pressure to their student athletes. Dr. Harris is skilled at helping parents find the right balance of praise and critique to help their kids stay motivated to play and to reach their potential.

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Tamara M. Harris, Ph.D., LPC-S

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