Sport Psychology Services

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."                      - ​​Thomas Jefferson

The same techniques of sport psychology that have helped athletes overcome slumps or injury and regain their performance edge are now being applied to business people, non-sports performers, and exercise enthusiasts to help them find their way back to peak productivity.


Sport Psychology Consultant  Dr. Tamara M. Harris works with athletes, business people, non-sport performers (gymnasts and dancer), and people committed to health and fitness who are experiencing roadblocks that impact motivation and performance. With her help, these clients break through the obstacles to regain their competitive edge, confidence, mental toughness, and their mojo.

For Sports

Coaches today know that their athletes must be both mentally and physically prepared to play. During the course of a season athletes often let a slump or an injury mess with their thinking. The coach and his staff are well-equipped to work on an athlete’s physical mechanics and get a team ready. Sport Psychology consultant Dr. Harris is often called in to focus on the mental blocks that can decimate performance. She helps professionals and amateurs alike regain their edge.  

Whether you’re just starting or involved in an exercise or fitness program, motivation, dedication, consistency, and mental toughness are all important aspects of performance and adhering to a routine. Maintaining your focus is needed to take you through obstacles like low confidence, low self-esteem, fitness plateaus, learning new exercises, and burn-out. Dr. Harris has been where you are and can help you gain the mental skills to be consistent and fully committed to your fitness goals.

Fear of layoffs, co-worker conflicts, wear and tear on road warriors, and the general pressure to perform takes a toll on business people today. Many of the same techniques applied in sports performance enhancement psychology are successfully applied to business psychology. Dr. Harris can help you regain mental toughness, set stretch goals, focus on priorities, and learn relaxation techniques to overcome burnout.

For Non-Sports Performers

Non-sports performers like musicians, actors, gymnasts, and dancers can be wired differently than sports athletes. While their coaches and teachers recognize the importance of goal setting, concentration, and anxiety management, their suggestions to “be confident” or “relax” aren’t always enough. Dr. Harris uses performance enhancement psychology to help performers learn relaxation techniques and develop the mental skills to reach their optimal performance.

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